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What is Vertical Gardening?


Vertical gardening is growing up!

You can make the most of your garden space by growing delicious vegetables and fruits and colorful flowers up on stackable pots with  GrowUp Greens stackable systems.

You have space saving and water saving benefits while enjoying the benefits of easier maintenance, healthier plants, effortless harvesting, and higher yields.

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Cost of Produce is Rising


The cost of produce has increased over 22%. Most of our veggies and fruit travel thousands of kilometers to get to our table. Growing your own at home saves you money and has a zero ecological footprint.

The Urban Gardener


Grow your own lettuces, kale, spinach, herbs, micro-nutrients and strawberries at home all year long.

Never Forget to Water Again!


NO Time? Our easy to use GrowUp systems are self-watering. There is no weeding, no pests. It looks after itself. Your big job is to plant and pick.

Easy to Get Started and Maintain


No Experience – Our GrowUp systems are so easy, anyone can learn to grow delicious food with no pesticides or chemicals, at home in just one month.

You can become an urban farmer too. It is really very easy. Even we learned how. Let us show you too.

No Garden Space? No Problem!


Now you can GrowUp with our vertical gardens 3 to 9 levels, 12 – 36 plants, it’s so easy

  • On your deck, patio or inside by a window and you can grow year round.
  • Our GrowUp systems only take up a few square feet.

1 in 3 households are now growing at home.

Let us help you get started.

Fresh Organic Veggies in Your Own Home!


Do you want to grow your own healthy, organic food but don’t have the time, space or experience to do it !!

The Best Option – Grow Your Own with our so easy – GrowUp Vertical Garden Systems

Just healthy, delicious veggies, herbs and fruit from strawberries to lettuces, kale, basil and more!

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