Vertical gardening is growing up!

You can make the most of your garden space by growing delicious vegetables and fruits and colorful flowers up on stackable pots with  GrowUp Greens stackable systems.

You have space saving and water saving benefits while enjoying the benefits of easier maintenance, healthier plants, effortless harvesting, and higher yields.


There are many benefits from growing up:

  • Healthy organic veggies and herbs
  • Nutrient rich micro veggies and herbs
  • Commercially grown herbs and veggies use herbicides and pesticides
  • More delicious and nutritious than grocery store produce
  • Easy to maintain with self-watering and timer options
  • Many space-saving container and stacking options
  • Less soil preparation and digging from Day 1
  • More plant variety in much less space
  • Less weeding in vertical beds, spaces, and pots
  • Improved air circulation and less risk of plant diseases and pests
  • Easier tending and harvesting—all at eye level
  • Less bending and less backbreaking work
  • Enjoy growing your own veggies and herbs with your family
  • Zero carbon footprint